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Proyecto RedVides - Expediente TSI - 020100-2011-29. Proyecto de certificación cofinanciado por el Ministerio de Industria,Turismo y Comercio dentro del Plan Nacional de Investigación Científica,Desarrollo e Innovación Tecnológica 2008-2011.

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ReDViDeS Project

Integral information platform

Red de Sensores ReDViDeS (Digital Network Environmental Monitoring and Detection with Sensorization Extreme) main objective is the development of an integrated platform of real-time information that will help over the status of grape growing, allowing decision making and reduce production’s cost.

This will involve a detailed analysis of data using cloud computing and will provide risk’s prediction about a particular crop, alerting those parameters that are over-or outside the norm and are therefore a potential danger to the crops in any form, so they can be treated before the loss or damage on the crop.

mityc F.E.D.E.R

Proyecto RedVides - Expediente TSI - 020100-2011-29.Proyecto de certificación cofinanciado por el Ministerio de Industria,Turismo y Comercio dentro del Plan Nacional de Investigación Científica,Desarrollo e Innovación Tecnológica 2008-2011.


Technological and Functional Objectives

Technological and Functional Objectives
  • Providing a real time information system of crop conditions includes:
    • Traceability and monitoring of cells and parcels.
    • Downy Mildew risk analysis through UC Davis investigations and Powdery Mildew risk based on radiation.
    • Botrytis risk analysis following investigations by the UC Davis, based on leaf wetness. Calculation of the active thermal integral.
    • Computing growing degree days.
    • Hours of daylight.
    • Monitoring measured values.
  • Create a sensor network that capture certain crop data, sending them via 3G (M2M) to a cloud computing for analysis.
  • Red de Sensores Perform the assembly of a box (set of sensors) that allows the inclusion of a wide variety of sensors. This box has its own solar autonomy and low maintenance (once a year).
  • Develop and adjust risk prediction algorithms based on:
    • Climatology.
    • Historical weather.
    • Geographical Area.
    • Previously captured data.
    • Weather predictions
  • Development of a cloud web platform to display data, and generate knowledge through real-time analysis that can be shown in different devices (computer, tablet, smartphones).
  • Generate a Cloud system to perform a complex analysis of data.
  • Create a geolocation system for each sensor.
  • Develop a communication system via SMS and mail for sending information and alarms to the producers, taking corrective actions when it is necessary and even recommending the ideal time for harvesting.
  • Integrating voice call system to perform certain surveys and questions for the correct adjustment of the parameters of the algorithms.
  • Integrating a decision-making system for several issues: irrigation, plant protection...
  • Develop a complete field diary, allowing inventory control of pesticides.
  • Test and show its utility and usability through a real working background (Luna Beberide Winery, Spain).Luna Beberide.

SocioEconomics objectives

Socioeconomic objectives The increase of certain raw materials such as oil and high competition from other countries make necessary readjust this situation. Therefore one of the objectives is to reduce socioeconomic costs:
  • Allow a reduction in overall costs, in plant protection, irrigation or energy.

Until now, the use of such services are based on experience and some historical patterns, but changes on climate, and changes on the nature and periodicity of these patterns, make the calculation of risk disease, water needs and phenological states, became more difficult, and in agriculture, this error can be critical.

The use of RedVides will allow a reduction in costs of time, since it is not necessary that the producer travels as often because the real-time information will allow him/her to be aware of current and past conditions of the crop without moving.

This reduction in costs of time will allow the producer to focus on the management of its crops, commercial activity...

RedVides technology and the possibility of measuring microclimates implies full cost savings of any technological system. Because this system is cheaper than the existing weather stations or sensor networks, which only can measure a single point and it is more difficult to install.

The last Socioeconomic objective is the inclusion of the Agro sector in the information society.

Information Society Development Objectives

Information Society Development The use of broadband networks and communications (ADSL, cable, wifi, 3G, UMTS) will expand the deployment of big operators (especially mobility options) to provide these services to agricultural managers, and especially to strengthen data services in rural areas where at least GPRS connectivity is needed for sending data to the cloud and sending alarm SMS to the growers.

Similarly, the introduction of new mobile devices (Netbook, Tablet, Smartphones...) will increase the use of these networks also by agriculture managers. They will have monitored their crops through devices that best suit them or their preferences, encouraging society information.

Strategic objectives of the Agricultural sector.

Objectives of the Agricultural sectorSpanish agriculture has been for centuries protected and subsidized but the industrial revolutions and the reduction of subsidies and aids from Public Organisms reveal that a change is needed.

This situation becomes even more important in the case of wine. Spain is on the top 3 of wine-producing countries but it does not lead the exports.

Therefore the main strategic objective is to increase the competitiveness of Spanish wine producers, raising the level of their wine exports.

Moreover, the objective is to increase the use of new technologies to producers (R&D) for the improvement of crop management, reduce costs and increase the quality of the vineyards and wines.


Sensor Unit

Sensor Unit Due to the lack of technological solutions for measuring agronomic values ​​and microclimates in a scalable and efficient way, the consortium RedVides will manufacture its own unit of measurement: the Sensor Unit.

The sensor unit is an electronic device designed specifically for scalable and secure collection of agronomic and climatic data.

Combines the advantages of sensor networks, in terms of size conceptualization, energy independence, scalability and adoption capacity. It is important to point the high battery life in communications from weather stations and their versatility in communication modes.

Overall the producer get a technology that enables a fast, effective, scalable, low cost and easy maintenance deployment. These features combine to communications independence, battery life and versatility sensors.

Service Oriented Architecture (SOA)

Service Oriented ArchitectureService Oriented Architecture is a software architectural concept that defines the use of services to support the requirements of software users.

In a SOA environment, the nodes of the network make resources available to other participants in the network as independent services which are accessible in a standardized way.

RedVides will be developed with this type of architecture, which claims that the software components developed are very reusable. Since the interface is defined according to a standard, a service with this technology could be used by an application developed in another one.

With the choice of this type of architecture, the software components developed by different consortium members will get full interoperability, and can be developed in different areas without affecting the overall system performance.


AndroidAndroid is a Linux-based operating system designed primarily for touchscreen mobile devices such as smartphones and tablet computers. It is currently developed by Google in conjunction with the Open Handset Alliance. This platform enables the development of third party applications through the SDK using the Java programming language.

Its capabilities in connectivity (wifi, bluetooth, 3G, GPS) allow them to adapt to any environment to communicate with different devices or services. The choice of this technology for the development of applications for smartphones and tablets, allow RedVides the use of the technology that is expected to dominate the market of smartphones and tablets.

Broadband Networks

Broadband NetworksIn Spain, broadband networks (ADSL, cable, wifi, 3G) have been developed over the last five years, due to the appearance of new operators and mobile devices have increased their expansion in business and residential areas.

These communications networks allow to send information anywhere from any device, developing the Information Society due to gradual increase in speed in all underlying technologies.

Therefore, RedVides consortium has marked as critical the use of these technologies which will facilitate access from any of these networks.

Cloud Computing

Cloud Computing Cloud computing is a new model of business services and technology, which allows users access to a catalog of standardized services that meet the needs of business, in a flexible and adaptive way, paying only for the use made ​​and allowing access to a growing number of specialized services and network-based.

This creates benefits for suppliers that can offer more quickly and efficiently a greater number of services and users have the ability to access them, enjoying the transparency and immediacy of the system and a model consumer payment. Its expansion in recent years and their use by large IT companies like Google, Yahoo, Microsoft or Amazon have become very popular among all types of consumers making it the present and the future of computing.

These are some of the factors why RedVides use this technology, which increases the benefits and added value of the project for the consortium members, producers and future customers.

Prediction Algorithms

Prediction Algorithms Nowadays there are several diseases prediction algorithms like the Climate Field Botrytis and Powdery Mildew Index, that evaluate the risk of developing diseases depending on a number of parameters such as the daily data of the sensors compared to the historical model.

These algorithms have been developed in the U.S. during 15 years of data collection in different areas. Logically these algorithms are very generic in its results, and when they are applied to areas with different climate and terrain, they reveal some deviations because they do not take into account the microclimates.

For this reason RedVides system is so crucial, it can collect data from microclimates, developing enough tools to perform an adaptation of the algorithm to the particular application area.




cubenube is a Spanish start-up that generates knowledge merging information from different datasources, helping companies to make better decisions through its technological platform of Big Data and Cloud Computing. cubenube provides valuable information and knowledge with a smart solution connecting any type of data, converting them into valuable information and communicating them in the appropriate way.

Contact: Gonzalo Martín Díaz

C/ San Diego 15 - 2ºB, 28801 Alcalá de Henares (Madrid) Spain : contact@cubenube.com



ICT company specialized on Electronics and Communications in the following areas:
  • Remote control systems, telemetry and location.
  • System Integration in BMS (Building Management Systems).
  • Turnkey projects. High specialization in industrial environments.
  • Development of Quality Control and Production Systems.

Contact: Jose Luis Gonzalez

Avda. Vía Láctea, 1 - 28830 San Fernando de Henares (Madrid), Spain : comercial@zignux.com



ONIX Asesores Informáticos S.L was established in 2003 as a consulting company. In January 2006 the company launched the trademark "ENCORE Solutions" and they focuses on software development projects divided into three divisions: Solutions ENCORE, ENCORE, ENCORE Simulations and Games plus a fourth transverse division dedicated to R & D.

The main goal of ENCORE Solutions is to serve customers covering all their technological needs. Encore Solutions is focused in two very specific markets:

In the Internet world, they offer services oriented towards contents. Encore Solutions undertakes projects where the customer wants to add value to its space on the Internet through the services offered.

In specialized developments, Encore Solutions find those projects where technology offers a value in itself.

Contact: Antonio Mendoza

C/ Cronos 20, Portal 3 - Piso 3º - Puerta 5 - 28037 Madrid, Spain : dpto.comercial@encore.es



The R & D group aDeNu (dynamic adaptation of online education systems based on user modeling) belongs to the Artificial Intelligence Department of the Spanish National University of Distance Education. aDeNu is a recognized research group (Ref: G74E25) which employs 18 people (7 of them doctors) and is specialized in the development of adaptive interfaces through the Internet.

Applying data mining techniques and Automatic Learning to extract knowledge that can be personalized and accessible by services in an interoperable way with external components.

Contact: Olga C. Santos

Adenu: adenu@dia.uned.es - Olga C. Santos: ocsantos@dia.uned.es


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